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Kauppalehti Business Premises

Prices and Ad Sizes


Are you selling or renting? Are you looking for a tenant for your commercial property? Are you selling your property, office or warehouse? Our tailored online packages are a simple and cost-effective service for finding a tenant or buyer; the monthly fee is charged only as long as you use our advertising service.

Prices per month

No. of premises Basic package Plus package Info package* Ranking**
75 € / month
105 € / month
+ 15 € / month
+ 100 € / month
145 € / month
205 € / month
+ 25 € / month
+ 200 € / month
205 € / month
295 € / month
+ 40 € / month
+ 290 € / month
265 € / month
390 € / month
+ 60 € / month
+ 380 € / month
325 €  / month
490 € / month
+ 80 € / month
+ 480 € / month
430 € / month
620 € / month
+ 110 € / month
+ 610 € / month
540 € / month
765 € / month
+ 140 € / month
+ 890 € / month
650 € / month
910 € / month
+ 170 € / month
780 € / month
1 040 € / month
+ 200 € / month
830 € / month
1 140 € / month
+ 230 € / month
850 € / month
1 250 € / month
+ 270 € / month
870 € / month
1 450 € / month
+ 320 € / month


Booking: kl.toimitilat(a)

The amount of premises makes up the invoice of each month. You only pay for the months that you prefer to have your announcements displayed.

*Info package price is added as a supplement on top of the chosen package (basic or plus )

**With ranking it is possible to reinforce your basic or plus package advertising, but only a maximum of 100 additional announcements per month is allowed per user. Ranking price is added on top of your chosen package price.

All prices exclude VAT. Alma Talent reserves the right to adjust rates during the year.


Choose a package to suit your needs

  Basic Package Plus Package
Administration: Add, change or delete your ad
x x
Attachments: Attach files to be displayed with your advertisement or direct visitors to external websites
x x
Logo: Your company’s logo will be displayed on the sale/rental page x x
Statistics: Access to statistics on visits, contacts, and visibility x x
Free property list: A free property listing or advertisement transfer to display your sale/rental properties on your website x x
Presentation on the search results list: Your company’s logo and advertising copy are visible on the search results list. The list also includes a link to all of your adverts in the Kauppalehti Business Premises service.   x
Ranking: Your sale/rental properties are ranked highest on the search results lists   x


Basic Package

The Basic Package is the basic advertising solution on the Kauppalehti Business Premises service. You choose the number of photos to be displayed in connection with your adverts; PDF files with floor plans and links to other websites can also be included. All your adverts display your company’s logo and a link to your website. You will also have access to visitor statistics.

Plus Package equals more visibility!

The Plus Package provides more visibility to your adverts. Your logo and advertising texts are displayed in the search results list. Additionally, the Plus Package properties are ranked above the Basic Package properties for locations where several advertisers offer the same property. The Plus Package, of course, includes all the same features as the Basic Package: an unlimited number of images, your visitor statistics, as well as search alerts.

Ranking puts you at the top of search lists!

The Ranking feature positions your adverts on the top of search lists; your advert will be placed among the top three results on all pages. Your adverts will also be placed among the non-sponsored search results to double your visibility. The Ranking feature complements the Plus and Basic Packages, and you will be able to administer Ranking through the Kauppalehti Business Premises service.

Info Package means more room for information!

With an additional Info Package, you will be able to complement your adverts with an upper banner and a presentation of your business, as well as six of your other properties on the service. The package is an opportunity for you and your business to raise your profile among the users. The Info Package is easily administered, and you can upload a banner of your liking through the management tool. The required banner format is either JPG or GIF; the banner measurements are 980 x 120 px; and the permitted size is up to 60 Kb. For your business presentation, you have up to 850 characters at your disposal. The Info Package allows you to present your business in closer detail.

Stand out with an Owner sticker

With the Owner sticker, you will stand out from other advertisers on Kauppalehti Business Premises service. All your properties will be labelled with the “Kohteen omistaja” (Property owner) sticker. The sticker has no influence on a property’s ranking. The Owner sticker is available only for property owners.

Display advertising

Kauppalehti Business Premises is a strong Finnish B2B marketplace. With a banner ad, you will gain nationwide reach, or you can target your message to a specified area: the choice is yours. More information about ad placings, prices, and technical details is available at our media pages or from our sales representatives.

A free listing of all your properties

A listing of all your properties is freely available to you for download. The list can be useful on your website, for example. When you update your properties on the Kauppalehti Business Premises site, the information on your business website will be updated simultaneously. Through this synchronisation, you will save time and effort.

Advertising Formats in Kauppalehti Business Premises Insert

Front page

253 x 280 mm

6 280 €

1/1 page

253 x 365 mm

Back cover 5 920 €

3rd page 4 560 €

1/1 page 4 070 €

1/2 page

vertical: 124 x 365 mm

horizontal: 253 x 182 mm

2 460 €

1/4 page

vertical: 124 x 182 mm

horizontal: 253 x 90 mm

1 450 €

1/8 page

124 x 90 mm

860 €

Display Advertising


240 x 200 px 

€ 2,820 / month


140 x 350 px

€ 2,670 / month

Large Skyscraper

160×600 px

€ 3,710 / month


(Front page and result list pages)

Decision Maker Packages only


Booking: kl.toimitilat(a)

All prices exclude VAT. Alma Talent reserves the right to adjust rates during the year.

Business Premises material guidelines are the same as for Time-based advertisements get around 40,000 impressions/month.

Decision Maker Packages





Business Premises Service
Upper Panorama 
Panorama (Front page/Listing page lower
Skyscraper (sticky)
Business Premises Insert
First page 
1/2-page or 2 x 1/4-page
1/2-page or 2 x 1/4-page
Giant Panorama
600 000 impressions
Giant MPU
500 000 impressions
Skyscraper sticky
500 000 impressions
Kauppalehti Mobile
(0.5 million impressions)
Mobile Giant Panorama
600 000 impressions
Mobile Giant Panorama
300 000 impressions
Price products separately
€ 58,520
€ 27,230 
€ 15,770
Package Gross Price 
€ 39,100
€ 23,100
€ 13,400

Booking: kl.toimitilat(a)

All prices exclude VAT. Alma Talent reserves the right to adjust rates during the year.