Automated Guaranteed

It is possible to buy Alma Media's digital advertising products through an Automated Guaranteed marketplace shared by Finland's biggest media companies. The new purchasing method is meant for professional advertising buyers. It speeds up and makes it easier to buy media space, while decreasing the amount of work stages needed to book guaranteed impression campaigns.

Guranteed inventory products for desktop, mobile and video advertising are sold in the marketplace. From there, one can find nearly all display and video advertising products sold by Alma for single selected medias or the whole network.  

For video ad formats there are all preroll and postroll options, desktop and mobile article videos and in-banner videos available. Also, targeting is available for purchase in the marketplace. At least time and location targeting can be selected for all products, and audience targeting can be chosen for many products, which consists of multiple different demographics and areas of interest.

The marketplace simplifies the purchasing process of advertising, as the digital advertising products can be bought by utilizing just one tool. In the service the buyer selects the wanted media(s), products and targeting, check the availability of ad impressions, negotiates prices, makes bookings, and submits the campaign materials straight into the ad distribution systems of the publisher. Additionally, the buyer can follow the success of their campaign in the service.

The technology platform used by the marketplace is the Adform A/S Automated Guaranteed - solution.

Buyer's Benefits, Top 5

  1. There is a wide palette of medias and products offered in one place. Which enables making all bookings of a mediaplan by exploiting just one tool
  2. Quick availability enquiries – information about free inventory available immediately
  3. The conversations and price negotiations with the media sales are saved and filed together with the campaign, and are available for later if needed
  4. Wide targeting possibilities
  5. Customer discounts are directly applicable through the system

Contact Person for Media Sales:

Johanna Vartiainen, Director, digital advertising services and development