Alma Media Solutions


Programmatic buying

Alma Media provides a secure, transparent and high-quality environment for programmatic buying. You can buy advertising space on Alma Media’s various websites through either open or private auctions. 

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Mobile advertising

Alma’s mobile network reaches four million unique browsers weekly, which makes it one of the most pervasive mobile advertising networks in Finland.

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The Alma network offers video advertising solutions that work across all of the Alma network’s media regardless of the device used.

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Content marketing

Alma’s media provide a variety of opportunities for content marketers. We create, plan and implement content marketing solutions that suit each customer’s goals and marketing budget.

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Rich media

Alma offers a broad range of rich-media solutions for desktop and mobile as turnkey deliveries.  

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The Alma network offers diverse targeting solutions to help you reach the right audience. 

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Alma Media Solutions

Alma Media’s advertising and marketing solutions are designed to create growth for our customers’ businesses. We provide influential audiences as recipients for a company’s marketing, which allows the company to grow its customer base, accelerate sales, strengthen its brand and create a strong interactive relationship with the Finnish audience. Our news media and digital services reach nearly 80% of all Finns in the 15–74 age bracket each week. Our audience has a strong presence in digital channels, and Alma’s mobile websites, mobile applications and desktop give advertisers access to 7.9 million browsers weekly (Mads, 2015).

For national marketers, Alma’s offering comprises national media such as Iltalehti and Kauppalehti, as well as websites that provide digital services in various areas of consumers’ lives, such as,,, and

Alma Regional Media comprises the printed newspapers AamulehtiSatakunnan KansaPohjolan Sanomat and Lapin Kansa as well as their comprehensive websites, along with approximately 15 local papers and their websites. As the first choice of consumers in their respective areas, our media give marketers the opportunity to have a strong presence in the daily life of the consumer. 

Marketers can buy Alma Media’s products and services on a media-specific or unit-specific basis, or they can use a single contact person to gain access to Alma’s entire portfolio. Customers choose how the service is provided and which models best serve their specific business needs — we operate accordingly. 

Alma Media Solutions unit serves advertisers in the development, marketing and sales of media sales products at the Alma level. Its task is to apply itself to customers’ marketing communications challenges and also offer comprehensive solutions outside the boundaries of traditional media advertising. It is a new, agile and rapidly developing unit. Alma’s products can be bought programmatically or under the traditional buying model.

Contact us and we will plan the solution and buying method that best suits your marketing objectives: