Advertising formats

Alma Media's basic forms of advertising provide you with the means to reach your desired target audience. Campaigns can be implemented easily and cost-effectively, whether it is desktop, mobile, or print advertising, or a combination of all three.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising reaches consumers effectively, as most consumers are already leading a mobile life. The phenomenally personal role of the smartphone as a consumer media channel offers you new opportunities to reach your target audience.

Mobile advertising reaches audiences in new ways and in new situations. At the same time, it challenges you to advertise in new and attractive ways. Using the unique features of a mobile device, you can impress and interact with your target audience. Now, the click is no longer the only measure of functional advertising.

In Alma Media's channels, you can advertise across Alma's entire mobile network, in selected media, or targeted according to your wishes. Read more about mobile advertising in Alma Media's channels. 

Tips for mobile advertising

  1. Use the phone's features to engage the user
  2. Keep your message clear
  3. Clicks don't have to be the only goal: measure engagement as well
  4. Remember targeting

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Desktop advertising

Desktop advertising reaches its audience both during working hours and leisure time, whether it is regional, local, or nationwide marketing. Alma's media offer you a wide variety of solutions to reach your goals, from simple and cost-effective forms of digital advertising to rich-media implementations that use the latest technologies.

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Desktop advertising

Offering various possibilities for the advertiser.

Print advertising

Print still serves its purpose as an important source of information for many consumers. The absolute strength of print is its undisturbed media environment: print content requires focus, interesting features attract the reader to return, and readers perceive advertising as a valuable part of the content. Print efficiently reaches audiences not only nationwide but also regionally. Local newspapers concentrate on topical issues in their area and have a personal relationship with their readers.

Alma's print media reach Finns regionally, locally, and nationwide

Iltalehti is issued six days a week and finds its audience at thousands of outlets around Finland. Read more>>

Aamulehti reaches audiences in the Tampere region, the second largest market in Finland. Read more >>

Satakunnan Kansa is the number one medium in the Pori area. Read more >>

Local newspapers are close to their readers, each in their own area. Read more >>


Print strengths

  1. In the midst of new digital solutions, print is alive and kicking
  2. Readers concentrate on and spend time reading
  3. An uninterrupted media environment
  4. Reliable and appreciated, readers enjoy advertising

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