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Responsible products and services


Sustainable media refers to responsibility in our own operations and making responsibility a fixed element in our business and business development. The sustainable business stands for ethical operating principles, product and service responsibility and integrating sustainability into Alma Media's offering, in particular into online services. 

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct defines the key ethical principles guiding the Group’s operations. The Code of Conduct (pdf) contains the central guidelines and principles for managing corporate responsibility and business operations sustainably. The Code of Conduct is in line with the UN Global Compact's ten principles.

Reports of potential abuse

If you detect potential negligence of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), Alma Media’s Code of Conduct, the company’s other operating principles, or legislation, submit an e-mail to Alma Media’s ethical reporting channel at almawhistleblow(a)

Product and service responsibility

Key issues for product responsibility at Alma Media are responsible marketing and advertising, the confidentiality of customer data and the reliability of products and services.

Responsible marketing and advertising

In advertising, responsibility issues may arise for example if an advertiser is suspected of criminal activity. Alma Media's newspapers and digital services each have their own guidelines regarding responsible advertising. Decisions are made case by case, and the ultimate decision-making power in newspapers rests with the Editors-in-Chief.

In Finland, newspapers have traditionally supported election campaign advertising as part of the promotion of democracy and well-being in society. Alma Media's newspapers and some of its online services have also granted discounts on election advertising. The discount rate has varied from one election to another, as well as between newspapers and online services. Election advertising pricing among regional papers is fully transparent, meaning that the discounts are granted according to the same principles to all candidates and parties.

The confidentiality of customer data

As business moves increasingly towards digital channels, ensuring the reliability and security of services is very important. Alma Media strives to provide a safe and secure user experience for the users of its digital services. The significance of privacy protection, in particular, has increased in recent years, and this trend is expected to continue in the future. The new EU Data Protection Regulation, approved in late 2015, will further strengthen the position of consumers.

Alma Media strives to understand the needs of the users of its services and to create content that interests them. To this end, information on the users of its services will be collected from a growing number of sources in the manner permitted by privacy protection regulations. The collection and processing of data enables the creation of added value to the users of the services as well as advertisers. Alma Media’s privacy protection process is described in more detail on the Privacy Protection page.

The use of newspaper-specific customer registers is governed by, among other regulations, the Personal Data Act and the Data Protection Act. Alma Media also complies with the fair play rulesof the Finnish Direct Marketing Association that provides ethical guidelines for marketing.


Reliability is a key product responsibility issue in the newspapers published by Alma Media as well as on its various digital marketplaces. The issue of reliable journalism is covered in the Brainprint section. With the rise of digital services, reliability has also become a key competitive advantage of Alma Media's digital marketplaces.

Product and services development

Integrating sustainability into Alma Media’s offering, in particular into online services, is one of the key strategic goals of the Sustainable Media programme in the upcoming years. In addition to the sustainability of its operations, Alma Media aims to provide the users of its online services with services contributing to sustainable development. Examples may include services related to responsible recruitment or to sustainable business.


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