Insider management

The information published in the insider register is available on Alma Media website.

Alma Media Corporation’s Board of Directors has approved Alma Media Group’s Guidelines for Insiders. The Guidelines complement the current rules and regulations on the management and handling of insider information as provided in Chapter 51 of the Finnish Criminal Code, the regulations of Chapter 5 of the old Securities Markets Act (495/1989) with regard to the maintenance of the public insider register and the insiders’ duty to declare and the regulations of Chapters 12–13 of the new Securities Markets Act (746/2012) with regard to other matters, the Financial Supervision Authority’s standard 5.3 and the Insider Guidelines issued by NASDAQ Helsinki Ltd (“Helsinki Stock Exchange”).

The company’s public (statutory) insiders are the members of the Board of Directors, the President and CEO, the members of the Group Executive Team and the auditor nominated as the principal auditor. The company’s internal, non-public and company-specific permanent insiders include certain individuals who by virtue of their position or responsibilities regularly receive insider information. The company also maintains a non-public register of temporary insiders for specific projects as defined under the Finnish insider regulations.

Information on the company’s public insiders, together with up-to-date information on their holdings and changes in these holdings, are available on insider shareholdings page. The information contained in Alma Media’s insider register is also available for inspection at the service desk of Euroclear Finland Oy (previously Finnish Central Securities Depository Ltd), Urho Kekkosen katu 5 C, 8th floor, FI-00100 Helsinki.

By providing instructions and information, Alma Media ensures that its public and non-public insiders are fully aware of their position and its importance. Alma Media insiders are not permitted to trade in the company’s securities for 30 days prior to the publication of the interim report or annual financial statements release.

The company's General Counsel is responsible for insider management in Alma Media Group.