Data privacy at Alma Media

Alma Media Group (“Alma”) respects the privacy of the users of its services and seeks to offer them secure, stable user experiences. We seek to understand the needs of the users of our services and create content that interests them. For this reason, we collect data related to users from various sources. This data concerns their online behaviour with regard to our services, subscriber information related to our newspapers and magazines, panel and market survey results and our media content, among other aspects. Processing this data enables us to create added value for the users of our services and for our advertising clients.

This summary provides more detailed information with regard to how the companies of Alma Media Group collect and use data. Alma Media Group comprises the services described on our website. By using our services, you agree to the processing of data described herein. If you do not approve these practices, you are not entitled to use our services. In addition to these terms and conditions, the terms and conditions of the respective service provider (e.g. Apple, Google, Microsoft) apply to the use of applications.

Processing of personal data

Our processing of personal data complies with the Finnish data privacy regulations as they stand at any given time. We process personal data (e.g. name, address, email address, telephone number) to the extent permitted by law, on the basis of and in accordance with a customer relationship or consent, for example. Personal data may also be processed for direct marketing, among other purposes. 
We primarily collect personal data directly from users in conjunction with a newspaper or magazine subscription or registration to a service, or through surveys, for example, during the customer relationship. In addition, we collect data from public and private registers. We may also collect data concerning the user’s online behaviour related to our services.

We process personal data for the purposes described in this summary and in the data file descriptions concerning each of the services. We process personal data only to the extent that is necessary for the purposes determined for each personal data file. We also process personal data to improve the user experience – that is, to offer personalised services and customer service (e.g. recommended news content and personal offers), target digital advertising, analyse resources, fix problems, prevent fraud and support product development, for example. For these purposes, we may combine data concerning the user from our various services. Our operations do not always require the processing of identifiable data. If identifiable data is not necessary for a specific purpose, such as product development, the data can be processed collectively or anonymously, for example.

For data processing purposes, we may disclose and transfer data concerning the users of our services to third parties that are not part of Alma. In accordance with the service-specific data file descriptions and the applicable data privacy regulations, we may transfer data to service providers, for example, and disclose data to third parties for direct marketing purposes and for opinion and market surveys and similar studies. We may also send advertisements on behalf of our cooperation partners.

With regard to our fee-based services, at the user’s consent, we may store their payment card information in an encrypted format in the system of a third party to enable the payment to be charged. We process payment information in accordance with the applicable laws and the conditions set and monitored by payment institutions.

Alma’s personal data file descriptions are available on the website of each of the services and from Customer Service, along with more information about the processing of personal data for each service.

Use of cookies and similar technologies

We may collect and use data concerning the user’s online behaviour with regard to Alma’s digital services. We may use cookies and similar technologies to collect data concerning the user’s computer and other terminal devices. A cookie is a small file stored on the user’s terminal device. For example, if the user so desires, digital services can use cookies to store their user credentials for their next visit. Cookies or similar technologies do not harm the user’s terminal device or files. They cannot be used to spread computer viruses or access the data on the user’s hard drive.

We automatically collect data with regard to how the visitor uses Alma’s websites and mobile applications (e.g. the time and duration of the visit and the search words, search sentences and search engines linked to the visit) and which sites and sections they visit, as well as technical data concerning their computer or mobile device (including their IP address, device ID, physical location, browser, operator, operating system and the related URL addresses).  With regard to the registered users of our services, we may combine data concerning the devices and browsers used by them.

In advertising, we also use socio-demographic targeting, where the modelling is based on the assumption that users with similar socio-demographic profiles behave similarly within our network of online services. Surveys provide us with information about the interests of specific users, and we use statistical modelling to expand this information to cover a larger group.

Alma and its service providers, as well as third parties (advertisers and advertising networks, media and advertising agencies, measuring and monitoring services), may collect behavioural data concerning visits to Alma’s services. Correspondingly, we may make use of behavioural data collected from sources other than our own websites. We use Google Analytics’ advertising features (remarketing, Google Display Network impression reporting, Google Analytics target audience and topic reporting).

Using physical, electronic, contractual and other means, we take every measure to prevent unauthorised access to the data mentioned above and to prevent our service providers from using the data for their own purposes. We also seek to commit third parties to complying with the current laws and self-regulation guidelines. However, we do not monitor the practices of third parties, nor are we responsible for their practices.  The Internet is an open system where it is impossible to definitively ensure that unauthorised third parties cannot bypass the security measures or abuse data.

Our digital services may include social plugins, such as the Facebook Like button, for which the content is provided directly by Facebook. Facebook, Google, Twitter and similar service providers may collect data concerning the user’s visit in accordance with their terms and conditions as they stand at any given time.

Some cookies will be stored on the user’s computer beyond their visit to the website. Unless cookies are deleted, they may be stored for months or even years after the latest visit to the website.

With regard to collecting and using behavioural data, Alma is committed to complying with the IAB Europe EU Framework for Online Behavioural Advertising. More information about this self-regulation policy is available on the IAB website.

If the user wishes to prevent Alma or its cooperation partners from targeting advertising or content based on the user’s online behaviour, they may do so by adjusting their browser settings to disable cookies. By clearing cookies regularly, the user can change the identifier that is used to create their profile. However, clearing cookies will not completely prevent our services from collecting data. Instead, it resets the profile that was based on previous behavioural data. It should be noted that clearing or disabling cookies will not prevent advertisements from being displayed on Alma’s digital services and may cause services to fail or be interrupted. Clearing cookies is always a browser-specific measure.

Through the following links, the user may prevent behavioural data from being collected with regard to systems used by Alma:


Within the IAB Europe self-regulation policy, the user can affect behavioural targeting carried out by other systems used by Alma (Adform, Admeta, Rubicon Project) and by other third parties through this link.

It should be noted that the prohibitions set through the links listed above are based on cookies and will become ineffective if the user clears all the cookies from their browser.

Amendments and contact information

This description was last updated on 8 March 2016. We reserve the right to amend the data privacy practices described herein and to update these terms and conditions accordingly. Alma’s previous privacy policy is available here.

If you have questions concerning Alma’s services, please contact the customer service department of the service in question. If your enquiry concerns privacy protection and/or cookie policies at Alma Media Group, please send your feedback to

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