Alma is a company for those who want to shape the future

Working at Alma

Alma offers an inspirational environment for working and growing. We have a clear view of where the world is going and what it takes to succeed in the future. The people who create the media of the future need to have a winning attitude, the desire to learn new things, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. We encourage you to take on responsibility and create something new.

If you want to create, build, learn and develop, please get in touch with us!

What #almaspirit?

We at Alma work among different brands, in different units and different cities. However, we are all united by a common attitude #almaspirit! Follow us in social media and learn all about what #almaspirit means to us. 


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@LehtiT @Postigroup Moi Tuomas! Tämä lehti ei kuulu meidän @AlmaManu_Oy'n jakeluverkkoon. Ei ole siis meidän jakama.
10:18 AM - 18 elo 2017
Alma Media
Hyvän tekeminen ei ole enää vain mahdollisuus, se on velvollisuus. #media #journalismi #markkinointi
7:38 AM - 15 elo 2017
Alma Media
Töihin mediayhtiöön? Meillä on taas monta mielenkiintoista paikkaa auki! #almaspirit
12:16 PM - 9 elo 2017
Alma Media
RT @marmai: Markkinointijohtajia ei pörssiyhtiöiden hallituksissa juuri näy, selvitti @K3FIN #markkinointi #johtaminen…
7:55 AM - 3 elo 2017