The media of a powerful Finn

Uusi Suomi

Uusi Suomi is the news media of a powerful and influential Finn. It operates in an unprejudiced manner leading the way in a period of time when the media is in a major turning point. Uusi Suomi, which is specialized in societal discussions, has risen rapidly to the heavyweight league of the Finnish media and is now further strengthening its position as a part of Alma Talent.  



Weekly Reach


Impressions per week

1 569,000

Source: TNS Metrix 2016 (weeks 34-39 average). 



55,9 years on average,
biggest age group over 55-year-olds


75 % men


34 % metropolitan area


16 % managerial employee
17 % entrepreneurs

Gross income of the household

14 % over 100,000 €/year

Use of Internet

80 % uses the Internet multiple times per day

Area of interest

68 % politics, political parties, societal issues
47 % technique and its development
45 % books, literature
41 % travelling

Source: Uusi Suomi visitor profile, TNS Gallup, March 2015

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