Programmatic buying

Alma Media provides a secure, transparent and high-quality environment for programmatic buying. Our goal is to provide customers with an optimally effective environment for carrying out programmatic campaigns. To this end, we continuously develop programmatic buying channels and options to ensure that advertisers can leverage the opportunities presented by technology in as versatile a manner as possible. We also engage in close cooperation with the customer in the area of programmatic campaigns to make their practical implementation and monitoring as easy and productive as possible from the customer’s perspective.

Why use programmatic buying?

  • Programmatic buying is a buying method that suits almost all scenarios. In private auctions in particular, Alma Media offers nearly the same inventory as it does through traditional direct sales.
  • Programmatic buying is often used to pursue greater effectiveness in achieving campaign targets.
  • Programmatic buying emphasises more efficient processes, a broad range of targeting methods and real-time campaign optimisation.

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You can buy advertising space on Alma Media’s various websites through either open or private auctions. More information on both methods of programmatic buying is available from link below.

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The ABCs of programmatic buying

Programmatic buying differs from traditional direct buying in that it takes place in real time, and impressions are bought individually, often in an auction. More information on the principles of programmatic buying is available from link below.

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