Open Marketplace

You can buy advertising space on Alma Media’s various websites through the open marketplace. The inventory for sale is available through the Adform and Rubicon supply-side platforms. The same inventory is available through both channels. Open marketplaces sell advertising space on all of Alma Media’s websites, and it is possible to target advertising on a website-specific basis. The range of available advertisement formats is limited. The broadest offering is available in the 160x600 and 300x250 formats.

More information on the general practices and operating principles of open marketplaces is available here.

Private Marketplace

Compared to open marketplaces, using the private marketplace option gives the advertiser much broader access to programmatic buying for Alma Media’s advertising space. In private marketplaces the buyer can choose from all standard advertisement formats and websites, as well as the sections in which the advertiser wishes to have the ads displayed. Private deals will be concluded for the selected advertisement formats and websites/sections, allowing the buyer to easily buy advertising space through the demand-side platform.

Private deals are concluded in co-operation with the programmatic buying team to ensure that the desired inventory is made easily accessible on the demand-side platform. The publishing platform we use includes integration with a large number of demand-side platforms.

The following advertisement formats and Alma Media websites are available via private deals:

Advertisement formats

  • Parade 980x400
  • Panorama 980x120
  • Skyscaper 160x600
  • Wide rectangle 468x400
  • Box 300x250
  • Mobile/mobile swipe 300x300
  • Preroll
  • Postroll

Available websites

  • Alma local newspapers

Opening a private deal requires the following information from the buyer: Once these details are provided, the buyer is assigned a Deal ID for access to the inventory. Multiple Deal IDs may be used for different advertisement formats and websites/sections.

  • Demand-side platform (DSP)
  • Buyer (Seat ID)
  • Advertiser
  • Websites/sections desired
  • Advertisement formats desired

In addition to the advertiser’s own data, private deals will make it possible to utilise Alma Media’s audience targeting data Alma Scope starting from 2016.

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